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New Coffee From the Democratic Republic of Congo

Try the beautiful rich flavour from our new coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The DRC has suffered decades of conflict resulting in a country that has been held back by political instability, poor infrastructure, corruption and exploitation. As with its neighbours Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda coffee represents a significant opportunity for economic regeneration and social impact.

The area is perfect for coffee growing, with its rich volcanic soils, high altititude and up to 2000mm of rainfall annually. In the 1970's the DRC was a leading exporter of coffee beans to the rest of the world. Today the annual coffee production sits at only around 10% of what it once was.

In order to assist with the regeneration of the region and to help increase the income of farmers across the country, we are offering this exclusive coffee bean to you in medium roasted form. Rich flavours abound with the sweetness of brown sugar cut through with the tanginess of blood orange and tamarillo (tree tomato).

You can find it here: DR Congo Latumba coffee beans

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