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New In - Finca Muxbal coffee beans from Mexico!

We've just added another coffee to our collection.

The Finca Muxbal coffee farm, resting high on the slopes of the active Tacana volcano close to the Guatemalan border, is managed by mother and son team Maeggi Rodriguez and Jorge Gallardo. It was bought by Maeggi's father, Don Enrique, in 1959 and he operated by three key principles: social responsibility, environmental sustainability and of course the production of very high quality coffee. This is evidenced by the fact that the farm is Rainforest Alliance certified and has achieved 100% compliance in recent audits - the first coffee farm to achieve this in Mexico.

We wouldn't normally go for a Mexican coffee bean - they are not especially well known for their speciality coffee - but this one is definitely an exception. It has a wonderful sweetness with hints of papaya, peach and caramel. It's roasted slightly on the darker side of medium to bring out the caramel flavours. So if you'd like to try out this wonderful coffee, grown in a coffee farm with truly spectacular scenery overlooking a gorge that is accessible only by 4x4, then this is definitely for you.

Note that we are currently out of stock on our Finca Muxbal. However, you can try some of our Finca Aurora coffee beans, also from Mexico, instead.

Grab some here: Mexico Finca Aurora Coffee Beans

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Customer Coffee Reviews

608 reviews
Strong and Earthy Yet Smooth

A firm favourite of mine for a long time, works really well with Latte's due to robust deep flavours, yet never bitter or overpowering.

Smooth Tasting

We found we wanted something a bit different as we keep ordering same flavour beans. Lovely smooth taste And there is not much of a chocolate after taste which suits my husband.

Strong Tasting

My husband loves this alot stronger medium bean we have had before. Luckily our machine has two Coffee vean chutes so we can have his n hers. Aroma very nice.

Very Good

We fanavour


The three coffee bean selection I tried I was very impressed with. The freshly prepared beans make all the difference and the flavours and taste are great!