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Zambia AA Plus Kachipapa Estate Medium Roast

Zambia AA Plus Kachipapa Estate Medium Roast

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Kachipapa Farm is a 350-hectare, family run coffee farm situated just outside of Serenje in Zambia.

Coffee is grown in deep red sandy soils that produce high levels of nutrients and provide good drainage. There is 40 hectares of mature coffee producing trees and 20 hectares of young coffee trees that are expected to be in production very soon.

All the coffee is under irrigation, meaning sufficient water throughout the dry periods.

The farm not only produces coffee but has also intercropped with macadamia’s, the trees are actively mulched by means of using the natural grass and anything that is pruned off the trees. This mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by slowing down evaporation, essential during the hot summer months.

At Kachipapa Farm one of the main responsibilities is to improve the quality of life for the staff and the local community. There have been 25 new houses built for the permanent farm employees with recently installed new clean water piping systems providing the community with clean water. They are also able to fund the local school for teacher employment as well as provide medical assistance and malaria prevention to the local communities.

Region: Serenje

Altitude: 1,450 metres above sea level

Processing: Washed and sun-dried

Flavour: Floral aroma, juicy body and citric acidity

Available in 200g, 450g or 1kg resealable bags made of recycled materials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard Bailey

A very good post dinner coffee

Nikolaos Menychtas
Great coffee

Citrusy and full of flavour.
Quality coffee as always.

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A very good post dinner coffee

Coffee Selection Box
Steve Piggott
6 pack coffee selection

Arrived quickly. They were a present for a friend and they have enjoyed them so far. But I will be buying further selections for myself in the near future.

Selection Box

All the coffees were really nice and there wasn't even one that I would not be happy to drink again.

Great aroma and smooth taste

A perfect medium roast. Loved the chocolate and raisin notes.