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cafetiere coffee collection

Cafetiere Coffee Collection

Discover a world of flavour with our range of coffee specially selected for use in a cafetiere (or french press). All coffee is freshly roasted after you place your order and can be sent to you in whole bean form or ground to your preference. Click on any of the products below to see more information and to choose your options. If you don't have your own grinder, select Cafetiere/French Press in the Grind option and we'll do it for you.

Why the cafetiere?

The cafetiere is a wonderful brewing method if you like a more dense mouthfeel and a heavier body. When using a cafetiere, be sure to take a look at our cafetiere brew guide to get the best results.
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Postage is £1.75 or FREE when you spend £14 or more on coffee in a single order.