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Honduras Guara Azul Medium Roast

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Guara Azul is another fantastic coffee from the specialty division of export company Becamo.

The Guara Azul Microlots are a significant departure from the conventional supply, not only because of the intensity of their attributes but also for the dedication and hard work producers do. Its a combination of art, science and individual’s creativity with strict guidelines.  It is carefully hand-selected from different Arabica varieties and harvested at high altitude farms in complex microclimates, resulting in a well-balanced cup with bright acidity, citrus, full-bodied robustness, consistent, and pleasant aftertaste.

The carefully selected producers use different protocols such as innovative procedures like prolonged fermentation in which they leave the beans with mucilage in the fermentation tanks up to 160 hours. The time will depend on the temperature, amount of beans, amount of sugar and how often they move the coffee.

The programme offers full traceability, from producer name, Estate farm, varietals, Altitude and procedure used.

This particular one is produced by Eva Ruth Vasquez who operates the La Lima farm in the San Andres, Lempira region. It is a fully washed bean consisting of the Catuai and Lempira varieties and is sun-dried on African beds.

Cupping notes: Raisin, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate. Rich and tasty.

Available in 200g, 450g and 1kg re-sealable bags made of recycled materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lily Dunlop
Taste sensation

One of my favourite blends, smooth, yet full bodied with lots of flavour.

Hand drip coffee

Lovely and rich flavour, with apparent note of raisins from the first sip. I used 40:60 hand dripping method, with medium coarse grind beans.

Gerry Alexander
Go to roast

This is my go to roast. Great aroma. Rich sweetness and nutty on the palate.

Terry Moriarty '

Lovely aroma when beans are freshly ground.
And the taste is very smooth and palatable
And the service and delivery first class

Stephen Hancock

First thing I noticed on opening this was the fantastic aroma from inside, love this one.

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