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Coffee selection box

Coffee Selection Box

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A superb coffee selection box containing three 200g bags of freshly roasted speciality coffee.

The pack will contain one bag from each of the main coffee producing continents: Central America, South America and Africa.

Perfect if you're not sure which ones to try and available as whole bean or ground according to your favourite brew method. All coffee in the box will be medium roasted for any brewing method.

The price (excluding any discounts applied) includes free standard shipping to anywhere in the UK or you can upgrade to first class post for just £1.75 extra.

Note that because coffee changes with the seasons, the content will be selected by us depending on availability.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Service. Super Fresh Roast

Ordered on a Sunday, beans were roasted on the Monday according to the label and I received them on the Wednesday. Packaging is simple and effective, sealed bags with one way valve that once opened can be re-sealed. I ordered the 6 x 200g bag Selection Pack. This provided 6 different coffees, 2 from Africa, 2 from South America and 2 from Central America. All medium roasted. Only tried 2 so far. Both very good, both quite different. Thoroughly recommend the service. I expect to become a regular customer.


I never thought that ordering beans this fresh would really have a big effect on the flavour of my coffee.

Boy was I wrong. I ordered the pack above to try them out. They were 6 days roasted by the time I got them. So still very fresh.

I could see the difference watching my machine, watching the coffee pour through the spouts of my expresso. A real orangey light brown Crema. I knew then this was fresh. And the taste proved it. No longer dull tasting. Or that something was missing from the coffee. Don’t know how many cleaning cycles I’ve put my machine through thinking it’s not performing well. Something is wrong here.

Well it’s your beans buddy. The ones you are paying a premium for at the supermarket because they are a big brand name. But when you look at their bags. There is no roasted on date. Just a use by date. A whole year I think it gives you. Lol.

So loved the beans, loved them all. I think I got lost enjoying then I fit got to pick a favourite. Lol. So will need to buy again.

Great coffee, great service.

The title says it all. Great choice of coffee and personal service.

Great coffee

Couldn't decide which beans to order so opted for the selection box. Great tasting coffee and very freshly roasted - even better. Pleasantly surprised with the hand-written "thank you" note as well.

Absolutely banging

Great selection of quality coffee. Delicious and Full of flavour. The hand written thankyou note adds a nice personal touch.

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I absolutely love P&P; it gives me the ability to try such a wide variety of beans from around the world, and removes all of the stress obtaining them for myself! Delivered to my door on a weekly basis for a price of less than two coffee’s out. The note accompanying your beans detailing their origin, flavour profile and giving information on their farmers is a really nice touch also.
Keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying the coffee!

Very tasty coffee! I've not had one bean from this company that I haven't enjoyed!

King of the Monsters

Never mind Gonzilla- this is Godzilla, king of the amazing dark roast...try it

This is the stuff!

Guatemalan coffee is my all time favourite so my review is highly biased, that being said, these beans are just outstanding, well done p&p


First Mexican coffee I’ve had, wasn’t expecting it to be as smooth as this, very nice aftertaste.