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Kenya AA Samburu Estate Coffee Beans

Kenya Double A Medium Roast

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A fully washed coffee bean from the Samburu estate in Kenya that is everything we come to expect from this wonderful origin. Substantial zesty acidity with a good, rounded body and notes of blackcurrant provide a fruity essence that characterises the East Africa coffee producing regions. Hints of spice and nutmeg are also present and you get a distinct chocolate and sugar cane aftertaste.

The coffee beans are grown in rich volcanic loamy soils at high altitudes and are therefore classified as high grown, which intensifies the quality of the bean due to the slower maturation period.

It's a lovely coffee and due to its high acidity nature, typical of African coffee beans, is perfect for use in a cafetiere or filter coffee maker and also makes a great coffee in the Aeropress.

Available in 200g or 450g resealable packs.

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