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Brazil Alto Alegre Estate Medium Roast Coffee

Brazil Alto Alegre Medium Roast

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This lovely direct trade coffee from Brazil is a single estate and single variety. It exhibits a delicate Body with crisp acidity and is a great all round coffee. Notes of apricot, melon, hazelnut and peach, finishing with dark chocolate.

Alto Alegre Coffees is a family run business that has been cultivating coffee since the 1850’s.

The family operates a sharecropping policy with their employees.

The total area is approximately 500 hectares with 90 hectares dedicated to coffee. The remaining area is used for beef cattle and grain and 70 hectares are occupied by natural forest which constitutes a permanent preservation area.  

The estate of Alto Alegre Coffees is located in the south of Minas Gerais. At 1340m, it is one of the highest altitudes for coffee growing in Brazil. Their coffee is single estate and single variety.

They are able to trace the coffee back to the trees it came from giving the consumer great traceability!

Variety: Mundo Novo.

Altitude: 1,340 metres above sea level (quite high for Brazil).

Farm: Alto Alegre Estate, Minas Gerais

Processing: Natural

Roasting profile: medium roast to bring out the clean flavours of this extremely high quality Brazilian coffee bean.

Available in 200g or 450g resealable bags.

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