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Brazil Fazenda Miaki Yellow Bourbon Medium Roast

Brazil Fazenda Miaki Yellow Bourbon Medium Roast

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This particular coffee is from a farm owned by the Miaki family, who are originally from Japan.

The Japanese family started working with farms in the estate of Parana. After the severe frost in the 70s they decided to buy a piece of land in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, and a few years later they sold the farm in the south and decided to stay just in Cerrado. They started working as a coffee farmer in Cerrado in 1980, being the very first in the region known as Chapada o de Ferro, a volcanic area in the city of Patrocínio.

The Bourbon variety is responsible for changing the world's perception of the quality of Brazilian coffee. Bourbon coffee was originally produced in the Island of Réunion (Africa), formerly known as the Island of Bourbon due to its colonisation by the French dynasty of the House of Bourbon, around 1715.

About 40 years later, a few seedlings arrived in Brazil, brought by a French caravan. Existing in Red and Yellow varieties, Ipanema Yellow Bourbon is exclusively prepared using Bourbon coffee beans, balancing acidity and body with berry notes. This coffee features a sweet taste and its fragrance includes notes of fresh walnuts and chocolate. Its body becomes pronounced with smooth acidity and is processed using the pulped natural method.

Origin: Brazil

Region: Municipality Patrocínio Cerrado, Minas Gerais

Estate: Fazenda Miaki

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Pulped Natural

Available in 200g, 450g and 1kg resealable bags made of recycled materials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frances Robinson
Our new favourite.

Lovely coffee. I was a bit apprehensive about changing from Ipanema (out of stock) but very glad that Dave suggested this one, everyone who has had it has remarked how nice it is, very smooth and very drinkable so this is my coffee of choice from now on. Thanks Dave !

Joel Jamieson
Great tasting coffee

Yellow Bourbon is the nicest coffee I have in the house. Will need to try others from here!

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First Try

Tried Costa Rican from La Falda for the first time.
Definitely suits me! Will order more.

A very good post dinner coffee

Coffee Selection Box
Steve Piggott
6 pack coffee selection

Arrived quickly. They were a present for a friend and they have enjoyed them so far. But I will be buying further selections for myself in the near future.

Selection Box

All the coffees were really nice and there wasn't even one that I would not be happy to drink again.

Great aroma and smooth taste

A perfect medium roast. Loved the chocolate and raisin notes.