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colombia excelso fair trade medium roasted

Colombia Excelso Medium Roast

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Citrusy with a medium body, rich acidity and a sweet finish. These Colombian coffee beans are the perfect after-dinner drink.

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. The Colombians are proficient in producing an abundance of truly delicious and sought after coffee.

Medium roasted to bring out the rich, sweet flavour characteristics it is perfect for those that prefer a milder, sweeter brew.

Available in 200g or 450g resealable bags.

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Customer Reviews

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Lesley Dennon
excellent excelso

Whilst I'm not claiming to be a coffee expert, nevertheless in the time I've been buying beans this has firmly remained my "go to" coffee. My son bought me some to start me off with my new grinder a couple of years ago and although I always like to try a new coffee alongside my re-order, Excelso is soft and mellow with a subtle kick, no bitterness, I am happy to recommend.

Nick Law

Wonderful coffee, perfection in soft and smooth taste

Sandra Bools
Sandra Excelso coffee beans

We have only recently started using coffee freshly ground every time we have a cup. What a difference.Took several goes to get the grind which suited us but now we won't be going back to prepacked beans from the Supermarkets. Very good service. Thank you.

Kevin Devine
Very smooth

Very smooth and delicate hors down well

J Bowcutt
Coffee beans

I would give it 5 but my husband says 4. Whatever, we enjoy the taste.

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Customer Reviews

791 reviews
First Try

Tried Costa Rican from La Falda for the first time.
Definitely suits me! Will order more.

A very good post dinner coffee

Coffee Selection Box
Steve Piggott
6 pack coffee selection

Arrived quickly. They were a present for a friend and they have enjoyed them so far. But I will be buying further selections for myself in the near future.

Selection Box

All the coffees were really nice and there wasn't even one that I would not be happy to drink again.

Great aroma and smooth taste

A perfect medium roast. Loved the chocolate and raisin notes.