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Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

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The versatility of the Aeropress is what gives it such a cult following the world over and has spawned international championships, independent competitions, events, and even dedicated recipe books. Approachable and fun, it’s a multipurpose brewing product that will meet the expectations of both beginners and advanced coffee lovers.

This product combines the best of other established methods of brewing, such as the French Press and the pour over - this flexibility gives you the freedom to be creative and play with other variables, like brew time, water temperature and even grind size. With a maximum capacity of 250ml and an average brew time of minutes (and sometimes down to even seconds), the Aeropress is a quick, easy way to guarantee good coffee. It’s uniquely portable and compatible with many bespoke hand-grinders, such as the Comandante C40, so you can brew your coffee just about anywhere.


  • Polypropylene 


  • 12.7 x 12.7 x 29.2 cm
  • 32ml Capacity

Additional info:

  • Removable plunger 
  • Dishwasher safe

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Smooth and easy

A lovely coffee and exactly as described. For me a little bit too sweet but I am enjoying trying all the wonderful selections and the service is great.

Awesome excellent taste, that ours family favour taste’ !

Smooth, balanced, luxurious.

Very smooth. Very well balanced. Almost has a milk chocolate notes.. Great coffee for a more luxurious and sumptuous moment.

Smooth and cultured taste

Very smooth and cultured taste, enjoying the coffee very much.

Very nice coffee

Excellent bean, safe choice for most coffee lovers