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Congo "Rebuild Womens Hope" Medium Roast

Congo "Rebuild Womens Hope" Medium Roast

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Flavours: Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Golden Raisin with a syrupy body.

This very special micro-lot of coffee beans comes from a group of around 1,800 smallholder women on the island of Idjwi on Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rebuild Women's Hope is a non-profit organisation based in Bukavu with the sole aim of empowering Congolese women. As part of this ongoing project the members of RWH have been provided with the tools and know-how to produce some exceptional coffee. The program has included the building of two washing stations on Idjwi island and extensive training in agronomy, coffee production and the export business.

The project is now reaping huge benefits and some pretty amazing speciality coffee to boot. The organisation's founder, Marceline Budza, recently won the prestigious Robert Burns Humanitarian award for her role in transforming the lives of women in the DRC. This particular lot of coffee has scored a very respectable 85 on the SCA scale.

Note: This is a limited edition micro-lot of Congo coffee beans so grab some while it's available.

Roasting profile: medium roast to bring out the complex flavours of this very important coffee bean.

Available in 200g or 450g resealable bags.

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