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Gift coffee subscription - two bags every two weeks for six months

Gift Coffee Subscription - 2 bags every 2 weeks for 6 months

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For a one-off price you can get two bags of freshly roasted coffee, delivered straight to your door, every 2 weeks for six months. What's more, shipping is included in this special price.

Once every 2 weeks, our artisan roaster will select two different coffees from our range, roast them perfectly and then post them out directly to you. It's a great way of discovering new types of coffee and is a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Each bag of coffee is medium roasted to accentuate the rich variety of flavours present in the coffee bean. What's more, we're constantly updating our stock so you'll be one of the first to taste any new coffee beans whenever we get them in.

Every bag of coffee is 200 grams in weight, which makes around 15 cups of filter or 30 cups of espresso. We don't sell in larger bag quantities because we want to make sure you're always drinking fresh coffee that hasn't had time to go stale. It's perfect for a regular coffee drinker that has more than one cup of coffee per day. For a less frequent coffee drinker, please consider the 2 bags per month club subscription.

To ensure you get the best cup of coffee every time, we recommend you choose the whole fresh roasted bean option and grind the beans only when you need them. Hand grinders are very economical and most are of the burr variety, which produces a very even grind. Alternatively, you can have us grind the coffee beans for you - just choose the type of coffee maker you'll be using.

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