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Peru Union y Fe Organic Fair Trade Medium Roast

Peru Union y Fe Organic Fair Trade Medium Roast

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These Peru Union y Fe coffee beans are organic and fair trade certified.

The Union y Fe co-operative was founded in Peru in 2014 and has 250 farmer members across three different valleys who work together to market their speciality coffees with a focus on quality and sustainability. They have their own mill and cupping lab and each producer's coffee beans are cupped and scored so that the best growing areas and the producers with the best processing and drying methods are identified. Using this method they have consistently improved the quality of the coffees on offer year after year.

The coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,500 and 2,000 metres above sea level and each producer has their own wet mill, with a de-pulper and concrete fermentation tank. Ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked, pulped and dry fermented overnight for 12-18 hours. The coffee beans are then washed to remove mucilage and dried on covered drying beds for between 10 and 14 days. Once dried to under 12% moisture content the farmer will deliver the beans to the UNAFECOOP mill in San Ignacio.

Tasting notes: Orange, tomato, cane sugar. Super sweet and well-balanced.

Medium roasted to bring out the intense sweetness and fruity flavour characteristics of the coffee bean.

Available in 200g resealable bags.

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