5 coffee blogs to read every week

5 coffee blogs to read every week

5 coffee blogs to read every week
Check out these awesome blogs that are a must read for the latest news and information on all things coffee. I'm a big fan and think they're definitely worth a look...

Coffee Blog

This aptly named blog is a goldmine of information on all things coffee related. It's run by Kev (yes nobody seems to know his surname) who posts quite regularly and is full of useful information about how coffee is produced, the roasting process and brewing among other things. Definitely worth a look.

Love Coffee

Another great coffee resource. This one is very nicely laid out, has regular updates and they have a very active Facebook page also (@LoveCoffeeCommunity). This is my go-to site for a different perspective on the coffee industry. Lots of different coffee-related subjects are covered by several in-house bloggers. I particularly like the '6 ways coffee makes you beautiful' article - as if we needed any more reasons!


If you like general coffee industry news and updates on coffee culture around the world, then you can do a lot worse than Sprudge. It's a huge site with regular articles that'll keep you busy reading for a long time. From new coffee bar openings to reviews of the latest gear to the latest developments in the world of coffee, this site has pretty much everything.


The blog by James Hoffman, a coffee industry veteran. He's a former barista champion and founder of a London-based coffee roasters among other things. He also wrote the book 'The World Atlas of Coffee' and is currently writing another one that will be released in the near future. One of the leading coffee experts in the country so his articles are extremely well informed.

Daily Coffee News

This blog and news site is run by Roast magazine and features articles geared towards the coffee professional. It's still an interesting resource with lots of information on industry related topics.






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