All Coffee Beans

A carefully selected range of coffee beans specially chosen for their quality and flavour. From the fruity and fragrant African coffees to the rich chocolate and nutty flavours of South America, there's something for everyone.

We want you to enjoy fresh coffee as much as we do. All of the coffee you order will be freshly roasted just for you and you'll get exceptional customer service along the way. You can choose from either 200g, 450g or 1kg bags of coffee either as whole beans or we can grind them according to your preferred brewing method.

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Coffee Bean FAQ's

How ethical is the coffee?

To address the ethics of our coffee sourcing, we prioritize establishing relationships with specialized importers who uphold our ethical standards. These partners are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding, fair trade price requirements, aligning with our goal to support sustainable and ethical practices in the coffee industry.

Our importers also work closely with the farms to help them improve their farming practices as well as increase the quality of the coffee they produce, thus securing a higher price for the farmers in the market.

Which coffee beans should I use for filter?

When choosing coffee beans for filter brewing, consider your flavour preferences.

The roast profiles we use ensure proper development of the coffee, with not too much acidity.

Therefore all of our single origin coffee options cater well to both cafetiere and filter coffee methods.

Which coffee beans should I use for espresso?

Any of our single-origin coffees are suitable for espresso.

The roasting profiles we use for our single origin range of coffee beans ensure they are easy to manage in terms of machine settings and are forgiving during the espresso-making process.

If you're having trouble, please get in touch any time and we'd be happy to help out.

How are the coffee beans roasted?

Our coffee beans are always freshly roasted on our Giesen coffee roaster, which is fitted with an electrostatic exhaust filter to ensure we're kind to the environment.

Buying freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding them as needed will help you to produce the best possible coffee.

Can I customize the grind of my coffee beans at the time of purchase?

Yes, you can have your coffee beans ground to your specifications when you place an order.

We do recommend buying your coffee in whole bean form and using your own grinder. That way the coffee is at its best when you brew and the coffee beans, when stored properly, keep fresher for a lot longer.