About Us

Welcome to Pebble and Pine, a family-run coffee company founded in October 2016 by Dave, a master roaster with a passion for coffee.

At Pebble and Pine, we believe that coffee is more than just a beverage; it's an experience, a moment to pause and appreciate the flavours and aromas that only a perfectly roasted bean can offer.

Our commitment to personal service is at the heart of everything we do for you. We're always happy to answer questions and provide guidance, whether it's about our roasting process, coffee selections or the best brewing techniques. It starts with the coffee but doesn't end there and we're here to serve you whenever you need us.

At Pebble and Pine, we believe that ethical sourcing is essential to creating the best possible cup of coffee. That's why we work closely with our importers and growers to ensure that your coffee is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and of the highest quality. We believe that supporting the growers and their communities is not only the right thing to do but also essential to creating the best possible coffee.

We roast all of your coffee beans to order, ensuring that every cup is as fresh and delicious as possible. Our small-batch roasting process allows us to carefully control the temperature and timing, bringing out the unique flavours and aromas of each bean. We take great pride in our roasting process, and we believe that our dedication to quality and freshness, as well as the service, sets us apart.

Thank you for choosing Pebble and Pine. We're passionate about coffee, and we're excited to share our love of freshly roasted, ethically sourced beans with you.

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