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This is my favorite coffee. Has been for years, so it has to be five stars.
It's quite a delicate coffee not particularly strong. I have the beans so I can grind it myself.
I would absolutely recommend both the company and this coffee. Fantastic

Great tasting coffee without the caffeine

Having tried a lot of Dave’s coffees over time I was pleased to see he has just started to offer the option of a decaf having been advised by my doctor to lower my caffeine intake.
I am delighted to say that this coffee is fantastic - really great taste - perhaps my favourite of all the coffees I’ve tried from Pebble & Pine regardless of caffeine or not.
I urge you to try it.


A beautiful coffee, always fresh beans with a great crema

Favourite so far

Really impresed with this coffee. Good flavour when drunk black, lovely complex but smooth flavour. Also carries it's flavour well in lattes and cappuccinos. Definitely on my buy again list. Good service from Pebble and Pine as well despite me being the wrong side of London.


This is a perfectly balanced coffee for delicious milk based drinks and also enjoyable as an espresso shot. I have reordered it before I finished the first bag and I will order more. You cannot go wrong with this one, its smooth and very easy to drink

Very chocolaty and strong

It’s nice and spicy and rather bitter chocolate forward but overall a little too strong for my taste. Makes a decent milk based drink but didn’t enjoy it as much in an americano. I much prefer the Indian or the Peruvian from here and wouldn’t go back to this Sumatra again.

Golden crema

Very nice creamy flavour makes good latte art

Excellent Coffee

Received this about a fortnight ago, both really loving the smooth flavour and lovely aroma of this great coffee. Would definitely purchase again.

Huehuentenago Guatemala

Lovely smooth mellow coffee with a hint of acidity, which I am just now developing a taste for. Pebble and Pine are a real discovery, hitherto I had been buying fair trade supermarket coffee, but wanted to buy some coffee for my Millennial barista son! P&P is a lot more reasonably priced than another popular Leeds roastery (which will remain name less!) and everything we’ve tried so far has been excellent (seal of approval from son also) Hope to keep buying from P&P - only negative point is you won’t want to go back to the supermarket stuff……

Coffee s excellent

Really enjoying this coffee highly recommended

Great taste

Great tasting coffee


Will be buying this again.


So glad I latched on to P&P when you first started. Coffee and service always superb so thank you.

Jeremy Higgins

My favourite so far!

All the beans are 4.5 to 5 but these are like 5.5 lovely stuff

Great coffee

I've been buying the 6 bag coffee selection boxes for a couple of years now and they are always high quality and varied in flavour.

Really tasty coffee.

Surprise Me
Excellent choice

This roaster’s choice was from Tanzania and was really very good.
Nice well rounded and smooth.
Will keep roaster’s choice on the subscription as it will encourage us to try new/different things.
It’s easy to just buy what you are familiar with but who knows you could discover a new favourite.
Will definitely have the Tanzania in rotation

Decaf that stands out

Considering that this is a decaf coffee, it really does hit the mark. For anyone who wants to avoid caffeine and still enjoy their coffee, look no further.
I would be quite happy to have as my regular go to coffee. Great flavour and body.

Coffee Selection Box
Tania England
Great Company

Bought as a gift. Fast and efficient service. Recipient appreciated personal message inside from the company and is now a BIG fan of the coffee.

Every coffee was a hit

Loved the selection, the variety. Each coffee delivered a delicious, flavourful and well-rounded roast! Really enjoyed P&P's products....can't believe I've only got a couple of bags left after ordering so many - testament to the taste!

Selection box deal

Wow went for the selection box deal exciting to try the range of flavours....bean grinding the new me

Best coffee I’ve had

I’ve been changing coffee beans every week for almost a year now while on the hunt to find one I love. This is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had and I’ll be ordering it on a repeat prescription!

Aromatic and rich

I tried this one after being tempted by it's description here. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed and will probably add it to my list of go-to coffee. The smell when freshly ground is particularly good!

Love it

Loved this coffee so many different flavours... could still taste it two hours after drinking

Gorgeous coffee

This coffee is so good, hard to believe it’s decaf! Have ordered more

A gift

It was a gift so I'll ask and let you know when I'm offered a coffee.