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This makes a beautiful coffee .No bitter taste Cannot recommend more highly. Service is excellent .

Another great coffee

Love this coffee, it has become one of my favourites. Look forward to my next order!

Costa Rica La Falda

A nice mild full flavoured coffee. Roasted to perfection. Great for a late morning pick me up.

Nice flavour but rather weal needs more grounds

Aromatic and great flavour

Opened this bag today! Loving it.

Fragrant and delicious

Another fabulous coffee. Loved it with a croissant. Smooth with a full rounded flavour.

Smooth like Sunday morning

Smooth chocolatey and not a hint of bitterness. I think I will be updating my subscription to make this one my go to coffee

Beautiful flavours

Tried this one for the first time this month, really lovely flavours fruity and rich . Excellent, will definitely buy again

Full of flavour

Really good coffee , lots of fruity flavours and acidity , which Is one of the reasons why I like African coffee. This is the first one on my list every month

Rwanda Inzovu Medium Roast
Nick Woods
Good stuff!

I bought this as our favourite morning coffee from Rwanda was out of stock elsewhere and I was curious as to whether the Rwanda origin would prove consistently good. It is, certainly with this one! What is also very pleasing is that Pebble and Pine sell it at a price which seems more ethical (ie higher) to me than our previous supplier. I need to know that the producers get a decent reward for providing my pleasures, and I hope that P&P ensure this is true.

Great coffee

Lovely coffee with lots of subtle flavours.

Ideal for me who is bad at choosing. Love subtle differences of the coffees. Think you appreciate the flavours more by having a variety

My new favourite

Love this coffee really smooth in a cappuccino and makes the best Machiato. My new favourite and we've gone through the whole bag in a week!


This coffee is my favourite after dinner coffee

Rwanda Inzovu Medium Roast
Great flavour

First time used and another favourite


Smooth, nutty, chocolatey - just a delicious and very drinkable coffee! Highly recommended.

full of flavour, smooth

Really great service and the coffee smelt fantastic when it arrived - even through the bags! I purchased as a gift for a huge coffee fan and they've told me that the coffee tastes amazing! ☺️

Good rich flavour

Tried this as a new one for us. This is the first time we've tried medium/rich roast and it is really full of flavour. Enjoying it very much.


If you go to Costa Rica they proudly tell you “best coffee in the world” and this absolutely lives up to that!!

Really nice

I have enjoyed the Rwandan coffee. It was lovely and smooth.

Excellent coffee first time I have tried it

Must try it excellent taste ordering more thanks

A Stronger medium roast

This bean was stronger than the average medium roast. Enjoyed by the family but not my favourite. I’m allowed one cup of coffee a day due to a heart condition so it’s got to be good!

Colombia Excelso Medium Roast
lawrence robert burgess
Excellent service

Will carry on ordering,great tasting coffee

Rwanda Inzovu Medium Roast
Jill Warren
Mixed pack

I have just opened this one and it's gorgeous!