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Brazil Ipanema Yellow Bourbon Medium Roast

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From one of Brazil's largest coffee estates, the Ipanema Yellow Bourbon is a high quality coffee with a complex character.

The Bourbon variety is responsible for changing the world's perception of the quality of Brazilian coffee. Bourbon coffee was originally produced in the Island of Réunion (Africa), formerly known as the Island of Bourbon due to its colonisation by the French dynasty of the House of Bourbon, around 1715.

About 40 years later, a few seedlings arrived in Brazil, brought by a French caravan. Existing in Red and Yellow varieties, Ipanema Yellow Bourbon is exclusively prepared using Bourbon coffee beans, balancing acidity and body with floral and citric notes. This coffee features a sweet taste and its fragrance includes notes of fresh walnuts and almonds. Its body becomes pronounced with smooth acidity and is processed using the pulped natural method.

Origin: Brazil, Ipanema

Region: Sul De Minas Gerais

Estate: Guima Estate

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Pulped Natural

Available in 200g, 450g and 1kg resealable bags made of recycled materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews

Smooth, nutty, chocolatey - just a delicious and very drinkable coffee! Highly recommended.

Reed Comics
Good Coffee

This coffee is ideal to drink black or a little milk, as the subtle flavours although delicious will be masked by a heavy drink such as Latte or Cappuccino. If you want a complex but subtle coffee taste this is one of the best.

Steve Pickthall
The best

Just the best coffee, have tried lots but keep coming back to this, delicious

Gary Yardley
Excellent coffee

This coffee is excellent must try it

Lesley Gillard
It's the one

Been trying to find these coffee beans for ages. M&S used to sell them. Once tried there's no going back - so smooth.

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