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Honduras Decaf Medium Roast

Honduras Decaf Medium Roast

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An exceptional Mountain Water Process (MWP) decaffeinated coffee from the CAFICO co-operative in Honduras.

Expect a smooth body, hints of citrus and flavours of chocolate, sweet fruit and a hint of caramel.

This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Cafés Finos de Corquin (CAFICO). CAFICO is an association of more than 400 farming families with farms that average 10 acres in size within the community of Corquín in the department of Copan, Honduras. CAFICO has established an innovative Finca Modelo (model farm) to develop good coffee practices that are practical and appropriate for the Corquin micro-region. Members of COFICO credit the model farm for improvements in their strategies for picking coffee, fermentation and drying practices.

Mountain Water Process is a method of indirect decaffeination. The process begins with a chemical analysis to determine optimal conditions, and then the beans are steamed and prepared for extraction. The extraction process uses a water-based solution saturated with green coffee extract that removes the caffeine while keeping the coffee's flavour compounds in place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great tasting coffee without the caffeine

Having tried a lot of Dave’s coffees over time I was pleased to see he has just started to offer the option of a decaf having been advised by my doctor to lower my caffeine intake.
I am delighted to say that this coffee is fantastic - really great taste - perhaps my favourite of all the coffees I’ve tried from Pebble & Pine regardless of caffeine or not.
I urge you to try it.

Jeremy Harrison
Decaf that stands out

Considering that this is a decaf coffee, it really does hit the mark. For anyone who wants to avoid caffeine and still enjoy their coffee, look no further.
I would be quite happy to have as my regular go to coffee. Great flavour and body.

Claire Morgan
Gorgeous coffee

This coffee is so good, hard to believe it’s decaf! Have ordered more

Jeremy Higgins
Honduras Decaf

So pleased that you have this coffee now as in the last three years I have needed to avoid caffeine but love my morning coffee too much to give it up so this really helps. Lovely warm aftertaste which is the criteria I always judge a coffee by, just for once if I didn't know it is decaffeinated then I would never guess. Terrific