Travel the World with a Coffee Subscription

Enjoy your coffee direct from the roaster with no middle men. A carefully selected range of single origin coffee from all corners of the world, delivered direct from the roaster to your door when you join our exclusive coffee club. Choose from a range of options all with FREE delivery and exceptional service. Once you've tried our coffee, you won't want to go anywhere else.

We want you to enjoy coffee as much as we do so why not try out one of our subscription options now. You won't be disappointed so choose from the options below and let's embark on a journey of taste discovery together.

Your Choice Subscription

The ultimate in flexibility and choice,. This pay as you go coffee subscription is perfect if you want complete control of the coffee selection.

* Pause, amend, cancel any time.

* No obligation, no commitment.

* 50% off the first order in your subscription.

Exquisite fresh roasted coffee straight to your door, whenever you want. It's your choice...

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The Grand Tour of Coffee

We choose the coffee, you choose the dates. If you like to be surprised each time, this if for you.

* Pause, amend, cancel any time.

* No obligation, no commitment.

* 50% off the first order in your subscription.

Discover a world of coffee with the Grand Tour...

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monthly coffee subscription

Monthly Gift Subscription

Pay up-front and we'll sort out the rest. The gift that keeps on giving!

* Lowest price per bag of coffee.

* We choose the coffee in each delivery.

* Comes with detailed info on each coffee.

Give a taste of the Grand Tour to a friend or loved one (or even yourself!). The price is inclusive of everything.

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Free delivery and great service - always

With our coffee subscription UK delivery is always included so the price you see is the price you pay.

You'll always receive the legendary Pebble & Pine service with every coffee subscription. You can contact us at any time and we'll answer your questions or try our best to accommodate any special requests you may have.

All of the coffees available in each of our subscriptions are high quality speciality coffee beans, specially selected for their distinctive flavour. They are suitable for all coffee brewing methods and we suggest you buy them whole bean and grind them yourself to appreciate them fully. They even last longer when stored in whole bean form in a cool dry place.

For the Grand Tour and Your Choice coffee subscription plans, you can manage your preferences via the "Manage Subscription" link in your account page. From there you can change the dates of future orders, change the frequency of orders, pause and cancel the subscription. For the Your Choice coffee subscription, you can also make your selections for the next and subsequent deliveries.

Our selection of coffee changes with the seasons, so sometimes we may not be able to send you your preferred choices. If this happens, then we will assign a close replacement (usually from the same origin) and let you know by email. You can then decide to accept it or log in to your account to make any changes.

So if you love your coffee and always want the best, always freshly roasted and delivered straight to your door then we have the perfect solution. Give us a try now and you won't be disappointed.