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Peru Chachapoyas Decaf Coffee

Peru Chachapoyas Decaf Coffee

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Discover our single origin decaffeinated Arabica coffee from Peru's Chachapoyas region.

Grown in the high altitudes of the Amazonas, these Arabica beans are cultivated in ideal conditions that enhance their flavour, despite being decaffeinated through a natural, water-based process to maintain their rich profile.

Enjoy a cup filled with smooth, complex notes of cocoa and caramel, accented by subtle hints of apple and nuttiness. This coffee offers a clean, sweet finish with a touch of acidity, perfect for any time of day.

Our decaf not only delights the palate but also supports sustainable farming practices in Peru, helping preserve both the environment and local traditions. Ideal for those looking to reduce caffeine without compromise, indulge in the pure taste of Peru with every sip.

Notes of Chocolate and caramel with maybe a hint of orange and a lowish acidity.

Available in 200g, 450g and 1kg recyclable bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dean Mitchell
Rich, deep and full flavoured decaf

Having previously enjoyed the Honduras decaf offered here, I fully expected this coffee to be delicious. Roasting decaf well is an art, and Pebble & Pine really nail it every time.

These beans are so complex and full of interesting notes (I get liquorice more than anything else) that there's no sense of missing out over a caffeinated coffee.

Jeremy Higgins
Decaf that works

So pleased at last that P&P have brought us decaf. You would never know as there is good flavour and the satisfaction on the palate afterwards is exactly what I look for in coffee.

Alistair Shepstone
Great flavour

I have always been cautious of decaf coffee as I have always found it never tasted the same as normal coffee. The coffee tastes the same as it's caffeine cousin, and I have served it up to a few people without saying it's decaf and no one can tell. It's great coffee which I will be reordering.