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6 Ways You Can Spot if your Partner is Addicted to Coffee

As someone who is married to a self confessed coffee addict, I’ve long since made peace with it. Saying that, it never ceases to amaze me how many times these signs come up.


They would never, ever, dream of starting the day without their favourite coffee to get them going.

You can never make their coffee. It has to be done by them alone.

And who can blame them when they know how to make it just right?!

A day out usually involves stopping somewhere for coffee.

A day out usually involves stopping somewhere for coffee

You tend to buy them coffee related presents.

You tend to buy them coffee related presents

The spend ages 'Googling' great coffee.

They spend ages searching for great coffee

Their local coffee shop knows them by name.

Their local coffee shop knows them by name

If you’re married to a coffee lover – just like I am. How about buying them a coffee subscription as a gift or even for yourself.

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Customer Reviews

123 reviews
Excellent service and coffee

Bought the 3 pack selection box for my husbands birthday. Delivery was much quicker than expected and there was a lovely personal note from Dave on my invoice. As for the coffee, wow! It's delicious and full of flavour. Thank you for a great all round experience.

Smooth and balanced

Absolutely nice with full bodied rich aroma. Gives a round smooth base when mixed with some other coffees from Pebble and Pine. Nowadays I usually mix it with the Mexican Aurora in 2/1 ratio. What a perfect match these are...
The result is a creamy smooth and even richer flavoured espresso shot which taste can even more elevated with frothed milk.

Beautifully layered flavours

By far the best coffee I have found in recent years. We buy this by the kilo, while also testing other flavours in your repertoire. This one is my absolute favourite, lovely silky and smooth. Perfect for Bialetti.

Rich Robust Flavour

Good enough for me to purchase the 450gm size this time round. Fills the kitchen with its aroma when freshly ground and makes a lovely rich and robust cup any way I make it. Nice crema on espresso. Will buy again.

Essex man

Just tried Ipanema yellow bourbon medium roast I mite try dark roast next time So only 8/10. Neyland. Essex