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6 Ways You Can Spot if your Partner is Addicted to Coffee

As someone who is married to a self confessed coffee addict, I’ve long since made peace with it. Saying that, it never ceases to amaze me how many times these signs come up.


They would never, ever, dream of starting the day without their favourite coffee to get them going.

You can never make their coffee. It has to be done by them alone.

And who can blame them when they know how to make it just right?!

A day out usually involves stopping somewhere for coffee.

A day out usually involves stopping somewhere for coffee

You tend to buy them coffee related presents.

You tend to buy them coffee related presents

The spend ages 'Googling' great coffee.

They spend ages searching for great coffee

Their local coffee shop knows them by name.

Their local coffee shop knows them by name

If you’re married to a coffee lover – just like I am. How about buying them a coffee subscription as a gift or even for yourself.

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I absolutely love P&P; it gives me the ability to try such a wide variety of beans from around the world, and removes all of the stress obtaining them for myself! Delivered to my door on a weekly basis for a price of less than two coffee’s out. The note accompanying your beans detailing their origin, flavour profile and giving information on their farmers is a really nice touch also.
Keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying the coffee!

Very tasty coffee! I've not had one bean from this company that I haven't enjoyed!

King of the Monsters

Never mind Gonzilla- this is Godzilla, king of the amazing dark roast...try it

This is the stuff!

Guatemalan coffee is my all time favourite so my review is highly biased, that being said, these beans are just outstanding, well done p&p


First Mexican coffee I’ve had, wasn’t expecting it to be as smooth as this, very nice aftertaste.