Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Hyper Goats and Praying Monks

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Hyper Goats and Praying Monks

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee beans

So what are you talking about? Hyper goats? Praying Monks?

Well, Yirgacheffe is a small village in the southern part of Ethiopia and belongs to the much larger coffee producing region of Sidama.

Ethiopia is widely considered to be the birthplace of coffee. As legend has it a local goat herd named Kaldi discovered that his goats became hyper after eating the cherries from the coffee tree. A monk approached him and took some of the cherry fruits back to his monastery, whereby he roasted the beans and brewed the first coffee. The brew was then used by the monks to keep them awake during long periods of prayer and so the stimulant we now call coffee was discovered.

It is even thought that the word coffee is derived from the name of the southern Ethiopian district Kaffa, which is close to Sidama.

Yirgacheffe coffee beans are of the Heirloom varietal and are grown at altitudes up to 2,200 metres and are typically wet-processed after harvesting. This technique of washing removes the pulp of the fruit efficiently thus ensuring the beans are not subject to mould and disease.

Yirgacheffe  is widely considered to be one of the best highland grown coffees, prized for its medium body and fruity flavour with almost a tea-like characteristic. Blueberries and chocolate my wife would say!

It's a lovely coffee and highly recommended. It is medium roasted to allow the distinctive flavours of the bean to come through and is therefore best brewed in a cafetiere or filter coffee maker. 

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