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Finding the Perfect Grind Size for Your Brew Method

Ever wonder why your coffee doesn’t taste quite right? The secret might just be in the grind. At Pebble and Pine, we know that matching your grind size to your brewing method is key to the perfect cup. Here’s a quick guide to get it just right:

For the Love of Good Coffee

  • Coarse Grind: Best for French Press and percolators. Think sea salt in texture, allowing water to extract flavour slowly and evenly.
  • Medium Grind: Ideal for drip coffee makers and pour-overs. It’s similar to sand, perfect for a balanced extraction.
  • Fine Grind: Essential for espresso. The texture is somewhat like table salt, designed for quick, intense extraction.
  • Extra Fine: Used mainly for Turkish coffee, where powder-fine grounds can fully express their flavour in mere minutes.

Tips for Perfecting Your Grind

  • Invest in a Quality Grinder: A burr grinder offers uniformity and control, which are crucial for extracting the best flavour.
  • Experiment: Small adjustments can make a big difference. Note changes in taste with different grind sizes and settle on what delights your palate the most.
  • Freshness First: Grind your beans right before brewing to maximize flavour and aroma. Pre-ground coffee can’t compete with the freshness you’ll get from grinding at home.

Start with these tips, and you'll soon see how a little tweaking can lead to a much more enjoyable coffee experience.

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