7 of our best coffee beans from around the world

7 of our best coffee beans from around the world

Our best coffee beans from around the world provide a rich variety of flavours and character. We spotlight seven of our favourites for you to try.

Brazilian Coffee Beans - Ipanema Estate Yellow Bourbon

A pulped natural processed coffee bean with a sweet flavour. The beans are dry processed in order to retain a fuller body and then medium roasted so that all the flavour is released without the bitterness. The taste that comes through is stone fruit and raisins with a chocolate and hazelnut finish.

If you like your coffee with a full body and bags of flavour, this one is definitely worth a try. Hurry though, we only have a limited supply.

Colombian Coffee Beans - Excelso

Citrusy with a medium body, rich acidity and a sweet finish. This coffee is the perfect after-dinner drink.

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. The Colombians are proficient in producing an abundance of truly delicious and sought after coffee. This coffee is available in a medium and a dark roast.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe

This is a flowery aromatic coffee like no other, with notes of fresh berries, lemon zest and chocolate.

This coffee is highly recommended and is a strong favourite of ours. It is medium roasted to bring out the fruity nature of the coffee bean and is therefore best brewed in a cafetiere or filter/drip coffee maker such as a Chemex or V60.

It is made from beans sourced from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, widely considered to be the birthplace of coffee. This coffee is produced using passively organic agricultural methods and is a wet-processed, or washed, coffee bean and therefore retains its fruity acidic flavour, with a light body. Perfectly smooth with no bitterness.

Honduran Coffee Beans - Finca Altos de Erapuca

This Honduran coffee has a lively pointed acidity. In tasting, the distinct lemony character comes through along with good sweetness and hints of caramel and orange.

Perfect for cafetiere or filter/drip coffee makers, this speciality coffee is medium roasted to bring out the character of this single origin bean.

The coffee comes from the Finca Altos de Erapuca farm, which is relatively new - only shipping its first batch of coffee beans in 2014 and is organically grown and certified Rain-forest Alliance.

Kenyan Coffee Beans - Double A

The "Double A" variety is the highest grade coffee bean from Kenya. Sharp acidity, good body and smooth winey flavour characterise this single origin coffee.

Retains a smooth body with very little bitterness. These coffee beans are available in a medium or a dark roast.

Nicaraguan Coffee Beans - SHG Jinotega

Our Nicaragua SHG Jinotega is a coffee that comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua. It is a Strictly High Grown coffee, meaning that the coffee was grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser high quality coffee bean. In addition, the bean is EP or European Preparation - a further sorting of the green coffee before it is exported, so only the finest green beans are bagged and exported. This Nicaraguan coffee is harvested and exported from Asociacion Aldea Global.

Aldea Global began in 1992 with 22 farmers. Today, the Association assists over 1000 families, most of which are Chorotega Indigenous Communities. Aldea Global offers organic speciality coffees, which have provided the association with small farm loans, women's solidarity groups and the ability to produce other agriculture products such as fresh produce and beans. The association promotes sustainable management of natural resources, rural health clinics, installation of potable water filters and integrated pest management programs. The Association of small farmers facilitates the growth of profitable and sustainable businesses, promoting efficient commercialisation and alternative credit services. Aldea Global helps farmers stay in harmony with their environment, while producing a profitable product for the marketplace.

Expect chocolate, a sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity and a well rounded cup.

These coffee beans are available in a medium or dark roast.

Peru Coffee Beans - MCM Fairtrade

Spicy and floral notes, good body and strong sweet flavour. This coffee really packs a punch.

This bean comes from northern Peru and is grown under a canopy of shade. Most shade-grown coffees mature at a slower rate which allows the natural sugar present in beans to develop more fully and, as a result, more intense and rich flavors are produced. The Peru Organic Fair Trade MCM, in line with this tradition, offers a smooth medium coffee distinguished by a pleasing sweetness. These coffee beans are available in a medium or dark roast.

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