Coffee Beans for Coffee Lovers
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About Us

The journey of Pebble and Pine started with Dave’s love (or obsession) of coffee.

After buying a roaster to roast his own beans, experimenting and developing his own techniques he was blown away by how amazing the flavour was, and how it tasted so much better than the coffee he’d previously been drinking from supermarkets.

Word soon got round amongst family and friends and before long he was over-run with orders...which got him thinking that maybe other kindred coffee drinkers would love it too...

And Pebble and Pine was born!!

Although we’re still a young company, our reputation is growing fast and we love getting to know our regular customers and sharing our love of coffee.

We don’t sell any of our coffee at farmer’s markets or in shops. You can’t buy it anywhere else but here on our website. Why? It has to be freshly roasted. Stale coffee, that’s been sitting around on a shelf for a while, just doesn’t cut the mustard and I won’t let you have it! We also don’t sell our coffee in huge 1kg bags. For most people it just takes too long to use it all and by the time you’re half way through it’s going to be losing its freshness. Try a subscription instead, it’s much better.

When you place an order, here’s what happens: We go to our store of green, un-roasted coffee beans. We measure out the quantities and place them in the roaster. We roast them according to their own unique profile. They’re packaged up and sent out to you, fresh and full of flavour.

If you’ve asked for us to grind the beans for you, that’s fine. But remember coffee that is ground goes stale quicker. So use it fast!

We could go into cupping scores and all that fancy jargon. We usually provide some info on each product, so you know a bit about its flavour and where it’s from. But what you really want is nice, tasty coffee. So that’s what we sell. Try us out.