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About Pebble & Pine Coffee

Our mission is simple: we want you to experience the best coffee you've ever had.

Every coffee bean is roasted in small batches and especially to order. No coffee bean, once it's roasted, sits on a shelf wondering what to do with itself. We'd rather it was sitting, patiently, in your cupboard waiting for your next brew.

You might pay more elsewhere for fancy packaging with lovely artwork, but we'd rather put all of our effort into the coffee inside. You also get fantastic customer service. Why not try us out and you'll see.

If you love coffee, then you've come to the right place.

All of our coffee beans are ethically sourced direct from the farms or co-operatives so that we know the farmers are being paid a decent price for their crops. In all cases the price they are paid is well above the fair trade price. This provides an incentive for the farmers to produce excellent coffee and improve the standard of living in their wider community. We are gradually developing partnerships with producers and importers so that we can deliver to you not only a wonderful cup of coffee but also the comfort in knowing that every farm producing our coffee is treated with fairness and offered a good price for a quality product.

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What our customers say about us

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I've tried a selection of their coffees and they're all bloody delicious. I'd drink them all day if i could but alas I'd be bouncing off the moon if i did! Great coffee!

- Seamus

I have just finished my first 6 month subscription and have loved every monthly pick. I have renewed my subscription, looking forward to the next 6 months. Thank you.

- Simon

Got my first order of coffee beans and they are amazing. Great customer service and the beans smell fantastic. Won't be long until I order some more

- Nicola

A gorgeous array of coffees. I received a six month subscription as a present and the two so far have been great... not tastes I usually go for but they've been fantastic.

- Paul
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Customer Reviews

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Works perfect with a good cause

I like that I can buy this pack of filters when I order my coffee, streamlining my purchases and giving more money back to such a fabulous independent roaster. It’s also great that these specific filters are a collaboration supporting a great cause.

I would be interested in future to see unbleached filter options, but until then am perfectly satisfied with these.

one of my favourites so far, smooth and tasty

My new favourite

I've tried most of the medium roasts from Pebble and Pine over last few years. My favourite used to be Santa Elena (Honduras), but after that was discontinued I found this to be equally beautiful coffee for my morning shot.

Your Choice Coffee Subscription
Jonathan Broadhurst
Always a great cup of coffee

I have been a subscriber for well over a year now and have never been disappointed by the coffee or the service. I love that you can change the coffee and try new flavours. After lots of different blends, we’ve found one that we all like. Highly recommended

Great taste and no bitterness

Perfect. I make our coffee in a stove top which works really well and produces the best flavours. Have also tried this in a cafetiere but not quite as good. We just love the Pebble and Pine coffees. They never fail to please.