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Mexico Finca La Puebla Dark Roast

Mexico Finca La Puebla Dark Roast

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Puebla, a region celebrated as the fourth-largest coffee-producing state in Mexico, trails only behind the renowned territories of Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. The farm's proximity, a mere 90 km west of the Gulf of Mexico and 225 km northeast of the bustling heart of Mexico City, positions it beautifully to embrace the rich Mexican coffee heritage.

The terrain of La Puebla is a picturesque spectacle of gentle undulations, crisscrossed by a network of small rivers and dotted with tranquil swamps and miniature lakes, all ensconced in rich, verdant foliage. This thriving ecosystem is most vibrant around the mesmerizing waterfalls and within the rugged, secluded areas that challenge the explorer, offering sanctuary to a diverse array of plant and animal life. While expansive, untouched forests are not a feature of the farm, its mosaic of shaded coffee plantations, interconnected waterways, and falls cultivates a microenvironment rich in biodiversity. This landscape doesn't just grow coffee; it sustains a living, breathing biosphere, where every element coexists in harmonious symbiosis.

The legacy of Finca La Puebla began in the early 1980s, initiated by a visionary who transformed lush pastures into a thriving coffee sanctuary, initially spreading over approximately 950 hectares with the finest Arabica strains. The evolution continued, and by 1990, the esteemed Neumann Kaffee Gruppe saw the untapped potential and invested, eventually taking full stewardship in 1995. This marked the inception of their global coffee farming voyage, which later expanded to include illustrious estates like Brazil's Fazenda da Lagoa and Uganda's Kaweri Coffee Plantation, along with numerous agricultural ventures in East Africa.

Today, Finca La Puebla stands as a testament to sustainable growth and passion for coffee, having expanded its cultivation expanse to 1363 hectares within a sprawling 1790-hectare farm. As you savour the distinct, rich flavours of our coffee, you're not just enjoying a beverage; you're immersing yourself in the storied history and vibrant spirit of one of Mexico's most cherished coffee sanctuaries.

Tasting Notes: A mild coffee, with low acidity.

Region: Puebla

Growing altitude: 600 metres above sea level

Processing: Washed, sun-dried

Available in 200g, 450g and 1kg resealable bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fred Bull

A well balanced coffee with a pleasant aromatic lingering taste. No bitterness.

Ted Warren
A pleasant coffee but slightly bland

I use your beans to make filter coffee. Puebla beans make a decent coffee but it is a bit bland compared to others like Excelso Columbia dark roast and Lintong Sumatra medium/dark roast, and it does not really have discernible vanilla or chocolate notes.

Craig mills
Great taste

Great tasting coffee